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  Interiors of Residences using Porcelain Floor Tiles for Kitchen and Rooms

We source world class topcer porcelain floor tiles that can be used in kitchen, bathroom and exterior of a building. Based in Mumbai, we cater to known architects & interior designers in Mumbai and India. We have a huge range of porcelain kitchen floor tiles. High traffic centers of your home, like kitchens, make great candidates for a porcelain tiled floor. Whether porcelain kitchen floor tile or natural stone, tile’s durability, easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal are right at home here.

A new floor is an important aesthetic element in updating any kitchen. In this project a porcelain kitchen tile that looks like slate is used to contemporize this kitchen before the new cabinets go in. To lay a new porcelain tile floor over an old floor, first remove all baseboard moldings from the walls, setting all pieces aside where they will not get broken. Scrape any cement, glue or adhesive from the subfloor. Make sure the surface is completely free of debris.

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